Sunday, 22 April 2018

Gaslands (6) - More Vehicles including some Oddballs

I have managed to finish off a few more vehicles which just leaves the War Rig, 6 bikes and the last 2 cars to do.

First up some Oddball cars which are meant to represent the more far-fetched weaponry available to some of the teams:

And another:

A couple more bikers got done:

Bringing the total to 4(out of 10):

Another Monster Truck:

This one has the shape of a classic Dark Future Interceptor:

And finally muscle car type:

I'm definitely finishing off the last of the Gaslands stuff now before going back to other unfinished projects.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Gaslands (5) - Scenery

I seem to be on  a bit of a go-slow painting-wise, I'm getting plenty of gaming in but just not feeling the urge to pick up a brush! Saying that a sudden burst this weekend led me to finish off the small amount of terrain I've knocked together from odds n ends for Gaslands(though it will work just fine with my 15mm Sci-fi stuff too)

First up a MDF kit I bought which had these lamppost type things and barricades to which I added some bits and pieces and the corrugated sheeting:

and then some bits of household/bits box junk(including some hamster cage connecting tubes):

I was given this building some time ago and I reckon if I give a quick weathering it will look the part:

and these bits I've nicked from my Sci-fi stuff:

All this grubby terrain has made me want to pick up some of Vanguard Miniatures 15m Skinnerz(that's Orks to you an me) to inhabit it and to harass my colonists.

Oh and finally, this was a flowery track to go around a princess castle of my daughters which was getting thrown out. A quick spray and a (very) rough paint job; it being completely flat I found it hard to get it to look decent, and I have a small section of dirt road, and on the reverse a (crap) looking tarmac road(which will come in useful for my 15mm Prohibition stuff)

I'm determined to actually finish a project so have dropped the fantasy to finish the last few Gaslands vehicles.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

15mm Fantasy(V) - More scenery

I received a bunch more of Alternative Armies 15mm scenery range at Christmas and I've been wanting to get some paint on them since. These along with a few other scenic pieces will be the last(for now at least) of my fantasy specific terrain. Added to the hills/woods/hedgerows etc that I already have, I will now be able to set out a small settlement and ruined evil temple style battlefields which are sufficient for my aims with Dragon Rampant.

First up the rest of the village(having done one building previously):


Gotta say these are lovely buildings, really nicely cast and sculpted, my only minor quibble is that they are small for 15mm, and wouldn't look out of place with some of the larger 10mm stuff

Again all these bits n pieces are from Alternative Armies range, I'll be using the skellies, graves and fountain to make my ruined temple look that bit eviler, the pack horse and treasure for objectives.

I think I will be finishing off my Gaslands terrain next as it should be a fairly straightforward and quick job, then back to some more 15mm fantasy mini's.